Sideways Sammy 2017/18 Season Preview

Pre-season has been long and dark, but football is nearly back. My incredibly-detailed verdict on how it will all definitely unfold is now available for your reading pleasure.

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Featuring 79 Pages Of:

Club-by-Club League Two Previews, Player-By-Player Reviews, Tactical Discussion, Key Player Profiles, Manager Profile and Predictions.


Sideways Sammy 2016/17 Season Review

It’s that time of the year again! Strap yourselves in, have someone close with a pipette to moisten your eyeballs, as it’s time for a bit of the old ultra-analysis – the Sideways Sammy Season Review.

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Featuring 74 Pages of:

Club-By-Club Reviews, Squad Reviews, Jack McBean Memories, Manager Reviews, The Player of the Year, The Young Player of the Year, What and an Exhaustive Account Of The Coventry City Season.

Sideways Sammy Season Review 2015/16

It’s that time of the year again! My take on another Coventry City season in more detail than anyone ever asked for.

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Featuring 88 Pages of:

Club-By-Club Reviews, The Real League One Team of the Season, Squad Reviews, The Real Player of the Year, What We Need Next Season and an Exhaustive Account Of The Season For Coventry City.

More Enjoyable Than The Second Half Of The Season, Guaranteed.

2015/16 Season Preview

It’s that time of the year again, the new league season is upon us and the time has come for my season preview. Hopefully the answers to the questions of; How good are we? How good is everyone else? What does that all mean for us? Can I see a picture of James Maddison in high contrast Sky Blue and White monotone? Will all be contained within these 77 pages.

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frontcover final

Featuring 77 Pages of:

  • Club-by-Club League One season previews
  • A report on every first-team player under contract, youth-team players and those dearly departed
  • Eight different articles covering every aspect of our pre-season anxiety
  • A trove of stats both meaningful and useless
  • And finally, the predictions that will expose just how little I really know about Coventry City and League One


Sideways Sammy Season Review 2014/15

At long last this wretched season is over. But before you cast your minds away from the omnishambles that this campaign has been, I have taken the opportunity to review the season in agonising, painstaking detail.

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Featuring 85 Pages of:

  • Club-by-Club League One season reviews
  • A report on every first-team player at the club this season
  • A seven-part retelling of the story of the season
  • A look at who I think we should keep or let go
  • Articles on Steven Pressley and Tony Mowbray
  • More stats and crudely done ‘artful’ photoshops than anyone wanted to see.