Chris Stokes

Position: Left Full-Back/Centre-Back

Age: 26 *

At Club Since: February 2014

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 73(3) *

After a nightmare 12 months suffering with a persistent injury problem, Chris Stokes proved towards the end of last season that he has returned to full fitness and is pretty much the same, solid defender that he was during his first full season at the club. Capable of playing at either left-back or centre-back to decent effect, Stokes provides useful versatility and sturdiness to our defensive ranks and is the type of committed and likeable personality that any team could benefit from.

He’s not without his limitations, he’s not the fastest of players and he seems reluctant at times to put crosses into the box when in promising positions. This season will be a test of whether Stokes was a player who looked good for us because he had played in a good side, or because he’s a genuinely good player in his own right. At the time of writing, Stokes may start the season as second-choice left-back with Ryan Haynes still on the books, but he seems like a player with physical and mental attributes required to be a reliable player at League Two level.

* As of 18/10/2017


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