George Thomas

Position: Attacking Midfielder/Striker

Age: 20 *

At Club Since: N/A (Academy Graduate)

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 41(5) *

George Thomas has been a promising talent on our books for several years now, but this season has been his first opportunity to make a real impact at first-team level. Yet, we’re still awaiting George Thomas to finally demonstrate the qualities that saw Joe Cole cite him last season as the most talented youngster at the club. At 19 years-old, there is still a season or two before you have to question whether he’ll ever make it, but the more opportunities he has now and fails to take, the harder it’s going to be for him to earn additional time to develop.

Thomas’ best qualities are his movement and work-rate, he consistently finds himself in good goal-scoring positions, but a lack of confidence, composure, and seemingly technique when it comes to finishing have meant he’s failed to score a league goal for the club. It’s not a question of a lack of talent when it comes to George Thomas, it’s whether he can develop that level of aggressiveness and selfishness to his game that marks out the promising young talents who make it in the game from those who fall by the wayside.

*As of 30/04/2017

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