Kwame Thomas

Position: Striker

Age: 21 *

At Club Since: July 2016

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 14(3) *

Having arrived at the club last summer as a striker with nearly 30 first-team appearances and no goals, there was little excitement over the signing of Kwame Thomas. His early appearances for the club were even less encouraging, with Thomas looking uncoordinated and ineffectual as a striker. However, a return from a long injury lay-off saw him demonstrate just why he was signed – with a respectable run of three goals in 12 league appearances towards the end of last season.

The backheel goal Kwame Thomas scored against Port Vale back in March demonstrated a level of intelligence and confidence in his abilities. However, the jury is still out on whether he can become a regular starter this coming season as his positional play and technical ability still need to develop. It seems doubtful that Mark Robins will entrust Thomas to be the key striker in this side in the early weeks and months of the season – the onus will be on the player making it impossible for his manager to ignore him.

* As of 17/05/2017