Lee Burge

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 24 *

At Club Since: N/A (Academy Graduate)

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 71(0) *

Last season was an important one for Lee Burge in reclaiming the number one spot in goal after Reice Charles-Cook looked to have settled the matter. Quietly, Burge has improved his game in most areas and became a fairly reliable goalkeeper for a League One club over the course of last season. While not the most eye-catching of performers in goal, he’s cut out most of the mistakes that dogged his early career and is actually pretty commanding of his area most of the time.

His kicking is still his biggest weakness, although it’s one of the least important areas of a goalkeeper’s game and there are signs that he is improving on this with greater experience. Many Coventry City fans were hoping there would be an upgrade in goal, but I think it would be tougher to find a better goalkeeper than many assume that it is – just remember that season with Ryan Allsop and Jamie Jones as evidence that most lower league goalkeepers are a bit rubbish. Importantly, Lee Burge is our player, he’s still relatively young and he is someone who’s shown an ability to improve upon their mistakes – it’s an absolute no-brainer to keep him as number one for next season.

* As of 21/10/2017


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