Reice Charles-Cook

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 23 *

At Club Since: Summer 2014

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 52(0) *

Having not only established himself as number one keeper under Tony Mowbray, but looking like one of the better goalies in League One, last season was a massive step backwards for Reice Charles-Cook. The excellent reflex saves seemed to dry up, as did the command of his penalty area that he was once so capable of asserting – which left us with an unreliable keeper prone to taking unnecessary risks on the ball. A poor performance away to Oldham in February further sealed Charles-Cook’s fate as number two.

The talent he showed during the 2015/16 season as a supremely confident sweeper keeper who could not only relieve play the ball out of defence, but was an excellent shot-stopper too, still has to be there. With Lee Burge firmly established as number one goalkeeper at the moment though, I wonder whether Mark Robins will want to have two fairly young keepers in his squad. If Reice Charles-Cook is to return to that form he once demonstrated, it’s looking like it will be at another club.

*As of 17/05/2017

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