Rod McDonald

Position: Centre-Back

Age: 25 *

At Club Since: Summer 2017

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 21(0) *

Rod McDonald has looked one of our better summer signings and has played a key part thus far this season in our impressive defensive record. While not the most dominant of centre-backs. McDonald has a level of composure in his play that stands out against the rest of our defenders. Furthermore, his level of mobility and ability to play out from the back has been an asset at times against the teams willing to sit back against us and allow our centre-backs time and space on the ball.

For many, McDonald has looked like someone who could easily play at a higher-level, however, there are still weaknesses in his game that have perhaps been covered up by the defensive protection Michael Doyle and Liam Kelly provide. His main weaknesses are that he’s not an aggressive or dominant centre-back which means that there are strikers in this division that can get the best of him in the air. He also has a tendency at times to lunge into challenges that he doesn’t have a good chance of winning, leaving gaps behind him. Nonetheless, McDonald has been our best defender this season and we have looked a weaker side on the few occasions that he’s been unavailable. Still at a fairly young age for a defender, there is also the excitement of how much better McDonald can be.

*As of 26/12/2017