Stuart Beavon

Position: Striker

Age: 33 *

At Club Since: January 2017

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 24(2) *

Stuart Beavon made an excellent first impression upon arriving at the club in the home game against Bolton Wanderers. His work-rate and surprising level of physicality and aerial prowess for a man of his stature saw him cause a centre-back pairing of David Wheater and Mark Beevers no end of problems – we looked to finally have a presence in attack. However, the big issue for Beavon during his time thus far with the club has been his fitness, which has limited his time on the pitch and his physical ability.

As someone who has rarely been a reliable goalscorer throughout his career, Beavon’s relative ineffectiveness in front of goal since joining the club should have come as no surprise. He’s a player so hard-working and self-sacrificing that he rarely gets into good goalscoring positions. On the plus side, he’s someone who’s clearly effective in wearing opposition defenders down and providing opportunities for the other players in the team. On the down side, a more selfish striker could well be more effective for us this coming season in scoring the goals that will hopefully get us out of League Two.

*As of 21/10/2017